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Gold Plating Solution

Gold Plating Solution
Gold Plating Solution
Product Code : GPN
Brand Name : Ultra-Shine
Product Description

Ultra-Shine Gold Plating Solution

Ultra-Shine GPN Solution is a Gold plating process in which 22 karat Gold deposition can be obtained. As the bath is non- Cyanide type, it is safer to use. The deposition is uniform in distribution and thickness. The process is convenient to use both for decorative and industrial applications.
Key Features:

  • Its a ready to use solution. (Bath available in 1Ltr and 5 Ltr packing)
  • Its a Non Cyanide Based bath.
  • Common solution for most of the gold colour shades. (3N, 4N, and 24 Kt Colour)
  • Gives excellent shine on the piece.
  • Gives good durability of plating done.
  • It is very user friendly solution.
  • Value for money.

Electro-Plating of Gold involves passage of electric current through a Gold piece (Cathode), while it is submerged in Ultra-Shine GPN Solution.
Normally, 24 Kt Gold is being deposited on the surface of the metal. Since 24 Kt Gold is soft in nature, neither it can give good durability not it can give good shine on the pieces. Ultra-Shine GPN Solution gives 22 Kt depositions which is much harder comparatively. So it gives good shine on the pieces with good durability of the plating as well.
Any gold shade (3N, 4N, and 24 Kt) Colour can be obtained in this solution just by varying the parameters of plating.
Ultra-Shine GPN Solution gives very good yield, since it is a 22 Kt deposition on the pieces, more number pieces can be plated in the solution when compared to GPC. Thus it is value for money.