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Tarnish Remover

Tarnish Remover
Tarnish Remover
Product Code : TR-27
Brand Name : Ultra Shine
Product Description

 Ultra-Shine Tarnish Remover Liquid

For an ever–increasing demand of Industries for extremely bright appearance of metal, we have developed a new product called “ULTRA-SHINE (TR-27)” It’s particularly suitable for cleaning of Silver, Copper and copper alloys. It not only removes the oxide layer from it but also enhances the shine on the metal surface.
The characteristic of Ultra-Shine TR- 27:

  • No need for special ultrasonic cleaning machine in your shop floor.
  • Activates the surface of metal for plating.
  • Because of its PH7 nature (neutral), it prevents oxidization of jewellery.
  • It makes the base metal brighter.
  • It will improve the shine and brightness of plating as well.
  • It acts as an Anti-tarnish agent on silver and Copper alloys.
  • It removes oxide layer from silver and copper alloys without any weight loss.

For bright appearance of metals, good cleaning, good activation of metal surface is required. Practical study says that, better the cleanness and activation of the piece, shinier it will be.
Ultra-shine TR-27 Tarnish remover solution not only cleans the metal but also gives good shine to metal, because of the special activators additives. As it Ph level is 7 (neutral nature); it prevents oxidation of the pieces as well.
How To Use:
Just pour ULTRA-SHINE TR-27 in a liter’s beaker, and dip the pieces inside it for 10 to 15 sec. and the luster on metal will enhance. If the Tarnish is very old then you can heat the solution upto 50o C and dip the pieces for 30-45 seconds.