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Wax Magic Spray

Wax Magic Spray
Wax Magic Spray
Product Code : WS-27
Brand Name : Ultra Shine
Product Description

Ultra-Shine Wax Magic Spray

Ultra-Shine introduces Wax Magic Spray by which, you can improve your casting quality without investing in High Tech Setup. You can get firmly filled, porosity free smooth casting irrespective of Rubber mold, Casting machines, Alloys and Burnout cycle.

Key Features:

  •   Gives smooth casting surface.
  •   Enhance shine and smoothness on the casted tree.
  •   Reduces Porosity in the pieces.
  •   Gives better flow to metal.
  •   Reduces the polishing effort.
  •   Avoid problems caused due to dust or powder residue on wax pieces.
  •   Reduces manual effort to clean wax pieces.
  •   Problems it can solve:
  •   Gas Porosity
  •   Shrinkage porosity
  •   Metal Cracking
  •   Rough casting
  •   Incomplete filling
  •  Water marks on casted surface
  •  Brittle prongs


Its a special solution which gives a smooth and uniform coating of a special material on the wax surface. This coating is transparent and has a very good elastic property. The wax pieces are sprayed with this spray after they are taken out from mold. After spraying, the coat dries in 24 min. then you need to follow the normal process of tree making followed by investment pouring. When the tree is kept in the burnout cycle, this smooth coating will allow the wax to drain out at a faster rate. And then when the temperature reaches to 210° C, this coating itself will drain out like wax. Then what you will get is the smooth cavity in flask. This smooth cavity will help you to get smooth and shiny casting.